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From The Economic Ninja

This page will take you less than 5 min to read and less than 1 minute to make a decision...

I'm going to describe what "How to Start A Side Hustle" is, what it's about, what's included and you can decide if it's right for you.

How To Start A Side Hustle is for the everyday man/woman who wants to make a little extra money each month so you can have more fun, invest more, treat yourself and your family and escape the 9-5 rat race.

And no, this does not have to become a 2nd job or even replace your current job.

While some students of mine have went on to turn their side hustle into their new profession, many students are just happy working a few extra hours a week and making some additional income.

I've Been Doing Various Side Hustles Since I Was A Kid Slingin' Candy Bars And Making $40+ Per Day!

I've had a lot of wins, many losses, and have taken many arrows in my back on my journey and I am to help you get results you want in less time with as few obstacles as possible.

I've been doing side hustles, even while working my full time jobs for over 3 decades. And I kid you not, some of my side hustles have been the catalyst of some of my best financial investments as well as some fun stories.

Heck, even my YouTube channel started as just a side a hustle a few years ago.

And I can tell you, if I knew then what I know now, I would have gotten here in a fraction of the time.

Years ago, I never would have thought that I would have been able to put a downpayment on a house by selling electric trains...

Nor would I have thought that I'd have a YouTube Channel with 400K+ amazing subscribers...

​But here I am and those things would never have happened if I didn't start a side hustle.

Starting A Side Hustle Changed My Life For The Better.

A couple years ago I just started making videos on YouTube talking about things I was passionate about and that I hoped would help others...

I didn't have some massive following...

I wasn't some sort of content creation genius...

Nor did I have an unlimited amount of time- I had a family and was working full time as a firefighter.

I was just a fairly normal guy with a few extra hours of time each week that I wanted to use to make a positive impact on myself, my family, and people just like you.

And it was because of my experience starting and scaling side hustles going back to my candy bar operation as a kid that I was able to become one of the fastest monetized YouTube channels at the time and was able to grow and scale it to impact people all over the world and finally turn it into my full time job as of January of 2024.

Just a few short years ago I was just like you.

But I took action and applied the skills and experiences I learned over the years and it paid off.

Now, I'm Not Saying Any Of This To Brag... I Just Want You To Know That My Success Wasn't Just Luck...

My success came from years of trial and error and learning what works and what doesn't...

Simply put, it came from knowledge and taking massive action applying that knowledge.

When I had success it was because I applied the knowledge and experience I had gained over the years of trying different side hustles.

And when I failed it was because I didn't do what I knew to work.

And now with my knowledge and experiences I know I could identify and start a profitable side hustle in 30 days.

And I know I could help you do the same.

Which is Why I Created the "How To Start A Side Hustle" course.

Because my last side hustle turned into a dream job for me- creating content and helping individuals all over the world.

And it's my goal to help you do something similar in your own life...

Even if it's just adding a couple thousand extra bucks to your bank account each month- that can add up and be life-changing!

I know it can be overwhelming getting started.

And that's why I've taken all my knowledge, experiences and systems for starting and growing profitable side hustles and put it into simple step by step trainings that anyone can follow and when implemented you're virtually guaranteed to get results.

I help make starting a side hustle simple.

Which is why over 2000 individuals from around the world have taken this course.

And the ones that take action have had amazing success...

With some making 10's of thousands of extra dollars per month!

And others, just like me, turning their side hustles into their new more lucrative and fulfilling careers.

When you join, you'll not only be getting the blueprint I've used to have repeated success in my side hustles, but you'll also get access to a community of people who have done what you are trying to do.

Here are some of the types of successful side hustles from the community...

  • ​Garage Selling
  • ​Flipping Palm Trees
  • ​Flipping Electric Trains
  • ​YouTube Channels
  • ​Building Websites
  • ​Landscaping
  • ​Dog Poop Removal
  • ​Window Washing
  • ​Junk Hauling
  • ​Succulents
  • ​And much, much more...

Here Are Some Wins from Our Side Hustle Community

"I purchased the side hustle course, best money I have ever spent. I learned so much on how to start from the beginning and end up being successful. I was so amazed that I started a YouTube channel half way through it. My favorite part of the course was that I learned from the mistakes you made on your journey to be successful. I really enjoyed how you broke down each session even a caveman could understand it. Thanks again for putting me on a path to follow to be successful."

​- Jeff

"Because of the side hustle class my wife and I have bought a 200 year old stone house on Main St. in a small town near us and it’s in the business section of Main St. We are turning it into a hotel to bring people to the shops and help other businesses...Because of the class it made us think outside the box...

...The coolest thing that came from all this is my kids are starting side hustles. Both my daughters are planning a hayride on the farm in the fall. They are doing most all the work. They are also making keychains and shirts to sell for the eclipse because our area will be in the path of totality this year and they are going to sell them on Main St. at the stone house. We are a side hustle family now because of your course. You gave us all the confidence to think outside the box."

- Chris

"I have been an entrepreneur since I was a little Kid, 8 years old perhaps. I always liked negotiating...

Anyhow, this is how I found your YouTube channels. I couldn’t walk for several months, so I searched for ways to make money because I thought I would lose my job and I needed to get my creative juices flowing again after being in the corporate environment for so long. Watching your videos led me to buy the side hustle course...

The side hustle course is great... I like how you walk through the steps understandably and functionally. This allows easy application of the concepts...This course is excellent for the average person to has little money and little time to begin generating cash flow..."


"Just a quick THANK YOU for your side hustle course and your never-ending dedication to helping people! I have a few lessons left, but I'm incredibly inspired already!! :)

I've started a side hustle! I'm working with a local farmer to produce chicken bone broth with his pasture-raised organic chickens... and he now is selling it in his farm store!

...I'm hoping to get my website up soon, but unfortunately selling outside of my state (IL) requires the FDA getting involved...

Please keep doing what you do!! I LOVE your videos and hopefully I can shake your hand one day!!"

- DeAnn

"Thank you for your courses. I just purchased the side hustle course. I started watching the first 3 videos and I am hooked. There is so much content in it, I had to take a break and fill out my list of likes, lifestyle, etc.

My background, I am 77 years old, on Social Security. I own my home (just recently, because I sold the lot next to me, which I purchased in the late 90's)...I have owned a successful business in the past and had a good job as a computer programmer... I also decided to get into a 'side hustle'... it made sense to me right away and excites me a lot. I know I will get way more out of it than it cost me.

I just felt I needed to let you know that this course is great for senior citizens who are done with the 'corporate world' , but still want a paying something to fill time and get back inter acting with people again. "

- Donna

Unlike most "experts" in this space, I'm not out here teaching some secret system that will solve all your problems...

I've gotten rid of all the fluff and broken it down as simple as possible to just the core elements that contribute to a successful side hustle...

So simple that I truly believe that anyone can do it...

You don't need to be an expert...

You don't need to have any experience...

You don't need a team...

You just need to apply what I teach and take action!

My Goal Is To Make This As Simple As Possible For You

So simple that I truly believe you could start a side hustle in 30 days or less without any fancy knowledge, skills or large sums of money.

Because I combine simple fundamentals with actionable strategies so that my students can win and start having success right out the gates.

Inside "How To Start A Side Hustle" you will develop skills beyond what you could possible imagine right now.

  • ​You'll learn how to identify low barrier to entry profitable side hustles
  • You'll learn sales skills and techniques to sell your services
  • Your eyes will be opened to highly profitable boring business ideas (Like pressure washing) that you can start right away
  • You'll discover valuable business skills​...
  • ​You'll be connected to a like-minded community so you can connect and learn from others.
  • ​You'll discover how to write off expenses (the legal way) so you get to keep as much money as possible from your side hustle business.

And you'll have something that most people don't...


You want to create a side hustle? DONE

You want to make a few extra bucks a month on top of your full time job? DONE

You want to turn your side hustle into a full fledged business? DONE

You want to write-off as many expenses as possible so you get to keep the most money possible? DONE

You want to be connected to other likeminded entrepreneurs all over the world? DONE

You want to get direct feedback from Ninja & others in the group on your idea and business? DONE

All of these options will help you get started fast! They will allow you to start and grow your very own side hustle or multiple side hustles in 30 days or less.

Whatever You Decide, "How To Start A Side Hustle" Will Help You Fast-track Your Results!

And by now, you might be wondering what's all included in "How To Start A Side Hustle Monthly Coaching"?

You'll get a thorough online course available immediately covering all the ins and outs of starting and growing your side hustle.

Here's what's inside the course:

  • ​In Total Over 36 video trainings organized into steps so you can follow along and get your side hustle started in less than 30 days.
  • Module 1: Is This A Good Time To Start A Business - so you know if NOW is right for you to start adding extra income to your pocket
  • Module 2: Picking The Right Side Hustle For YOUR Success- look everyone is different and in this module I give you exercise to find a side hustle that works for you
  • Module 3: Scaling Your Side Hustle - when you have more business than you can deal with I show you how to take the next steps
  • Module 4: How to market your side hustle/business - so you can ensure you get the clients and customer you need to grow
  • Bonus #1: How To Start A Real Estate Side Hustle During A Crash - One of the most lucrative and promising opportunities that will only be available in the next couple years
  • Bonus #2: Social Media Secrets To Crush It - Learn how to apply the knowledge and experience I've gained growing my YouTube channel to 400k+ subs to help grow and scale your side hustle fast!
  • Bonus #3: Turn This Course Into Your Side Hustle - If you want to help others learn about side hustles but don't want to create your own course, you can apply to be an affiliate and earn commissions through recommending/selling this course

So With That In Mind, Are You Ready To Get Started?

Are you ready to quit making excuses and putting off taking action to change your life?

There is a saying... "If you always do what you've always done then you'll always get what you've always gotten".

It's another way of saying "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

The truth is, you're here reading this page. You've followed my channel... Watched my content...

And when I mentioned this course something inside you was motivated to take action and click the link or type in the URL that brought you here.

You took action!

And not only did you visit this page, you read it and in the process you may have imagined a version of your future where you have an extra $1,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 in your bank account each month because of your side hustle...

So let me ask you... What would that do for you and your family?

More date nights?

Upgraded gear for the kids?

A vacation to a place you always dreamed of visiting?

Now I can't make any promises or guarantee any kind of results, that's in your hands... But, If that's a future you want to make a reality you have to take action.

And I believe that this course and community is the best way to do that.

You can get started today for just $499... $250 (Save $249)!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Side Hustle Monthly Coaching Most Valuable For?

The side hustle monthly coaching is most valuable to individuals who are actively building or starting to build a side hustle and want as much help and feedback as possible to make it a success.

Do I need the Side Hustle Course?

Yes, as of right now this is only available for current customers who have already purchased the side hustle course. 

 Can I add a team member as well?

Since the calls are live you can always bring a team member/business partner to watch the calls with you wherever you are watching them.

 When does this start?

You can get access to the members area immediately and then the first LIVE Call is at the end of the month.

 What timezone are the calls?

Generally the calls will be around 5pm Pacific time.

 Do you accept refund requests?

There are no refunds for the coaching program but you can cancel at any time you want. Just make sure to reach out through the members area before you are charged for the next month.

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